Gremo Harvester 1058H5

Skördare 1058H5 Skördare 1058H5Skördare 1058H5


Gremo 1058H5

Skördare 1058H5Gremo 1058H5 is a harvester that makes the thinning of the forest more efficient, more profitable, and at the same time gentler on the terrain.

The new engine is a step V without EGR valve. This means that the entire exhaust purification now takes place in a single unit - a Single Module - where catalyst, particle filter, and urea are collected in one after-treatment system alone. The new solution without EGR valve takes half as much space as before, resulting in greatly reduced installation dimensions.

Another major virtue is the new lateral cooling devices on 1058H5. This results in a lower noise level in the cabin, while the visibility backwards becomes better. The crane has also become larger and considerably more powerful with a higher lifting torque. The crane size means increased capacity and a far more flexible harvester head than ever before. One of our options is the active bogie that enables extreme passability in very steep terrain.

Overall, the low fuel consumption makes the 1058H5 a harvester that provides better economy and lower footprint in the environment.