Gremo Forwarder 1450F

Harvester 1450F Harvester 1450FHarvester 1450F


Full pulling force and full speed. Without moving a finger.

Skotare 1450FThe Gremo 1450F is a strong and flexible forwarder in the 14 tons class. Like its popular brothers, the 1450F easily makes its way on any ground. The 1450F is equipped with Gre-Vt. A novelty eagerly asked for by the market and for the first time introduced by Gremo.

The Gre-VT is a unique, continuously working and variable speed hydrostatic transmission, which means that you do not have to shift gear. You just choose driving position 1 for speed range 0 – 11.8 km/h and driving position 2 for speed range 0-25 km/h. Irrespective of the driving program you obtain full pulling force from the start (18.4tons). Thus you barely have to move a finger to obtain full pulling force and full speed in the forest.

Shortening of the working cycle and increased capacity and profitability are welcome additional benefits. By means of GreControl, our self-developed software you adjust several functions to your way of working, type of boom and work to be carried out. In this way you have the possibility to reduce the fuel consumption and at the same time increase the profitability. And speaking of reduced fuel consumption: The powerful Cummins engine is limited to 1700 r.p.m. in order to save fuel.

We promise – you will not need more. In addition the driver´s environment becomes much more comfortable and peaceful. It´s killing two birds with one stone, actually.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F Heating of storage compartment and tools in the left front part of the chassie. As Optional equipment is also a ballbearing draw and a Gremo toolbox which can be opened when it is pulled out.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F Connections with quick connectors and switches to diesel and hydraulic oil is located low to facilitate access by ground level. Electric pump is optional for diesel but standard for hydraulic oil which is filled by Return filter to ensure that only clean oil enters the system.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F Gremo Forwarder 1450F The machine is equipped with two new electrical circuit boards. One in the machine's engine compartment for main power supply and one in the cab for power supply. The new cards make the electricity system more accessible and reliable.With a press of a button, all the fuses are tested, and a LED light indicates fuse status.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F The bonnet opens backwards through two gas springs which open the hood up really high for great clearance. This, in combination with the new open chassie offers a very good serviceability. The engine filters (fuel and oil) are mounted on an arm which can pivot out to the side of the belly pan. Which is a great advantage when changing filters.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F In order to obtain a shiftless speed range the system consists of two hydrostatic engines. At 11.8 km/h one of the engines is disconnected with the result that the other engine gets all the oil. In this way the speed of the machine can be increased to 25 km/h without interruption. When reducing the speed it works the other way round. The electronically controlled pump is programmed by the operator. If you want the machine to go slow, for instance in really tricky terrain, you select the previously set position with one push of a button.

Gremo Forwarder 1450F Gremo Forwarder 1450F Smooth and simple design which swings up the particle filter when servicing the engine.

We reserve the right to change specification and design. The machines shown in the illustrations can be equipped with extras. All measures and values are approximate and apply to a standard machine.