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GREMO Forwarder 950F

Gremo Forwarder 950FGremo 950F is the old version of Gremo 1050F and can only buy used.

The forwarder is intended for thinning, but copes very well also with timber, brushwood transport and work on wetland. Difficult and soft ground is easily managed by the 950F - the well adapted weight distribution, the low centre of gravity and the well balanced bogies offer full control in all difficult situations, even with full load.


GREMO Forwarder 950R

Gremo Forwarder 950RGremo 950R is the old version of Gremo 950F and can only buy used.

The Gremo 950 R has been designed primarily for use in thinning, being compact and convenient. But it is also big and strong enough to take a load of up ten tonnes, so it can be used for fi nal-felling on a mo dest scale. The supreme fl exibility of the 950 R means it finds many applications!


GREMO Forwarder 1050F

Gremo Forwarder 1050FGremo 1050F is a further development of Gremo 950F and can only buy used.

Underneath the bonnet you will find a powerful Cummins Engine with Common Rail system. The engine is stage-3 approved and has a torque exceeding 600Nm over a wide rpm-range. At the same time as the engine possesses these powers, it is also light, compact and quiet.


GREMO Harvester 1350H

GREMO Harvester 1350H


GREMO Forwarder 1350VT

GREMO Forwarder 1350VT

Gremo 1350VT is a strong and highly movable forwarder in the 13 ton-Class, equiped with the unique continuous stepless hydrostatic transmission; Gre-VT.


GREMO Harvester 1750H

GREMO Harvester 1750H


GREMO Harvester HPV R

Gremo Harvester HPV RGremo HPV R is the old version of Gremo 1050H and can only buy used.

The Gremo 950 HPV R is a manoeuvrable thinning harvester with capacity also for minor final cuttings. Equipped with 8 wheels it features low ground pressure, good stability and excellent availibility also in difficult terrain.
Great stress has been laid on the capacity of the coolers to allow for high production even on hot days.