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For most people it is difficult to make a valuation of a used forest machine. Maybe it is one of the most difficult things you are confronted with. There is a package of questions increasing all the time the deeper you get into the issue.

It is then you need a supplier you can trust. Our trade of used forest machines is comprehensive and still growing. Maybe because more and more people discover our honest policy. A policy aimed at giving the customer full satisfaction to ensure that we will be the first choice the next time he is looking for a used machine.

Our salesmen have many years experience in the valuation of trade-in machines and the judgement of a machine in relation to its condition. Our workshop and our service stations have the same comprehensive experience. This means that we not only know which items to check more thoroughly, but also how we can offer machines worth their price to our customers.

Many of our used machines are conditioned to a state enabling you to use the machine under long time without facing problems worth mentioning. We give an account of the measures we have carried out - but we also give an account of the measures we have not carried out. In this way the risk for unpleasant surprises is minimized. For machines not having been worked at to any greater extent we still give a serious account.

When the machine is delivered we take care that it is in the agreed condition and leave instructions to enable you to get started. Our experience tells us that just this item is very important. A good start makes it easier to get the job done and that the money rolls in as anticipated.

If you choose a used machine from us you expect, of course, that you get value for money. Our wish is that you give us good marks and come back the next time you want to trade. We want you to always remain a Gremo customer!

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